CNET: Why Obama’s cell phone calls will always go through

Interesting piece over on CNET today about “Why Obama’s cell phone calls will always go through“. Here is a snippet:

It may sound a bit like a storyline from the West Wing, but there actually is a branch of the government called the National Communications System tasked with ensuring that telecommunications related to “national security” remain intact and ready to use. President Kennedy created NCS in 1963, and its mandate has expanded to include high-priority Internet and mobile phone calls too.

While I assumed these agencies and systems were in place, I admit I did not know of their names. Browsing through the NCS website, it’s interesting to see the information that is publicly available. And yes, their advisory about the impending inauguration is probably right on… I imagine that cell phone traffic will just be a wee bit elevated over the next few days down in DC! 😉

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