Mark Collier and SecureLogix release new VoIP security tools

In a message to the VOIPSEC mailing list over the weekend, Mark Collier announced the release of a new suite of VoIP security test tools. Mark, as you may recall, is the co-author with (VOIPSA Chair) David Endler of the book “Hacking Exposed: VoIP” and as part of the book publication he and Dave made available a series of voip security tools through their website.

Now, Mark’s back with a second version of those VoIP security tools. He describes the new tools in one blog post on his VoIP security blog and announces their availability in a second blog post. Here’s his description of new tools:

We also built several new tools:

– Several new flood-based DoS tools, which generate floods using different SIP requests, including byeflood, optionsflood, regflood, and subflood. The regflood tool is certainly the most potent of the group.

– dirsniff and dirsortmerge – a passive scanner that builds a directory of valid SIP phone addresses. By using the dirsortmerge tool, you can manage results from this tool, as well as output from the dirscan active scanner.

– Call Monitor and sipsniffer – this tool provides a GUI that shows active SIP calls. The tool allows you to select a call and terminate it (via teardown) or insert/mix in audio (via rtpinsertsound or rtpmixsound). The tool allows you to define up to 10 sound files, that can be inserted/mixed in on command. The tool also streams the call audio to the XMMS player, so you can listen in and “time” when you affect the call.

The Call Monitor tool is particularly interesting. It makes using the rtpinsertsound/rtpmixsound tools a lot easier and more effective. It makes real audio manipulation possible.

Interestingly, the tools are not being made available through but rather directly from SecureLogix’s web site, where you have to register first to download the tools.

Mark also provides a PowerPoint presentation about the “Call Monitor” tool he mentions here. He’d mentioned this tool to me once before when we met at one of the conferences…. basically it provides a “point-and-click” interface to allow you to inject or mix in new audio into existing audio streams. Making it this easy is definitely a scary prospect (and another good argument for why you should be using SRTP to encrypt audio streams).

Anyway, the new tools are now out there if you want to try them out. (Joining the long list of existing VoIP security tools.)

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2 thoughts on “Mark Collier and SecureLogix release new VoIP security tools

  1. Mark Collier

    Dan, thanks for the press. Hopefully the tools will prove to be useful. We elected to put the tools on our main website, because we keep it and the voipsecurityblog sites up to date, better than we do the hackingvoip site.

    What we need now is for someone to build versions of CallMonitor for SCCP, H.323, Unistim, etc…

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