Two new Asterisk security advisories…

asterisklogo.jpgThe security team over at Digium today released two new security advisories. In both cases, the fixes are in the latest version of Asterisk and all Asterisk users should upgrade to those new versions.


The first advisory, AST-2008-010, outlines a denial of service attack where an attacker can basically send a large number of IAX2 “POKE” requests and consume all available capacity to make or receive calls using IAX2. The only workaround seems to be to upgrade to the newest version. It does not say but one would imagine that if you do not use IAX2 connections you could presumably block that port and not allow any inbound IAX2 connections. (Although the safer course is, naturally, to upgrade.)


The second advisory, AST-2008-011, outlines a scenario in which an attacker could flood a site with bogus requests to download a firmware image which would result in the generation of a large amount of traffic on the network. Essentially, since there is apparently no “handshake” before the initiation of the firmware transfer, an attacker can spoof the source address. With a large number of such requests, the Asterisk system can wind up generating a large amount of network traffic destined for spoofed sources. As noted in the advisory, the workaround is simply to remove the firmware image. This firmware download service has been disabled by default in the new version.

As noted in both advisories, Asterisk users are strongly recommended to upgrade as soon as possible to the listed version.

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