VoiceCon Orlando to offer “SIP Security” talk

Over on his new No Jitter blog, Eric Krapf notes in his SIP Security post that at VoiceCon Orlando they will be running a SIP security talk again:

“As SIP continues to seep into the mainstream, more attention is being paid to security issues, especially in public IP networks/the Internet. At VoiceCon Orlando in March, we’re bringing back Cullen Jennings and Eric Rescorla to once again give their ‘SIP Security’ tutorial, which offers enterprises a jump on many of the key issues.”

Long-time readers will remember that I wrote about Cullen & Eric’s appearance at VoiceCon San Francisco back in August and I am glad to see they’ll be back again in Orlando. Since I’ll be down there at VoiceCon Orlando, I’ll look forward to seeing them both again (and yes, I’ll probably sit in their presentation again :-).

Eric also reviews a couple of the ETSI security presentations I recently mentioned, giving a better glimpse than I did here! đŸ™‚

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