An excellent overview of SIP security issues at the 3rd ETSI Security Workshop

Hannes Tschofenig is over at the 3rd ETSI Security Workshop in France this week and yesterday gave a talk about SIP security. He has now posted the slides to his blog – My Slides from the 3rd ETSI Security Workshop:

Yesterday I gave my presentation at the 3rd ETSI Security Workshop. My presentation title was ‘IETF Security’ and that is obviously pretty fuzzy. After looking on the agenda I decided that the most useful topic to speak about would be SIP identity management and media security. In case you are interested in this topic, please take a look at the following slide set.

His slide set does give an excellent overview of security issues in SIP, the various RFCs and approaches, etc. As he mentions, he focuses on identity and media security. A great contribution to the ongoing dialog on these issues. In fact, much of the workshop agenda looks quite intriguing. It will be interesting to see if other presenters make their slides available or if conclusions are posted anywhere.

Note to other presenters: If you do put your slides up somewhere, we’re glad to link to them here. In fact, if you use SlideShare (or a similar service), we’ll be glad to embed the presentations directly in this blog.

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