Blue Box Special Edition #22: SIP and NAT Traversal

MD_bluebox157-2.jpg Blue Box Special Edition #22 is now available which explores and explains the details around SIP and NAT traversal. In this interview I sat down with Dr. Jonathan Rosenberg, a Cisco fellow and author of a wide range of RFCs and Internet-Drafts related to SIP to talk about SIP and NAT traversal. We explore what the problem is, how ALGs and SBCs attempt to solve the problem and how the IETF has looked to address the issue through first STUN, then TURN and now finally ICE. I think you’ll find it a very educational and informative session.

On a similar note, you may also be interested in Blue Box Special Edition #20 where I sat down with Cullen Jennings to talk about overall security issues with SIP. These two podcasts together give you a solid overview of the current security issues with SIP.

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