List of VoIP Security training courses…

Over on his own VoIP Security Weblog, Mark Collier recently posted a nice list of VoIP security training courses. In looking at his list I think there might be one or two other ones we’ve mentioned on Blue Box that I’ll have to dig up… but overall it’s a good list. Thanks, Mark, for putting it together!

This kind of list should really have a home somewhere on the VOIPSA web side under, say, the Resources page. We’ll have to see about putting a page up. Anyone out there interested in being the maintainer of such a page?

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2 thoughts on “List of VoIP Security training courses…

  1. Mark Collier

    Thanks for the post. If you remember any other organization that offers VoIP security courses, let me know.

  2. Ali

    Hi Dan and team ,
    Great work ,
    You guys are doing great job in bringing quality stuff of VOIP security at single place
    Keep it up

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