VOIPSA Releases its VoIP Security Tools List

I’m pleased to announce the public release of VOIPSA’s VoIP Security Tool List. The list was developed to address the current void of VoIP security testing resources and sites, for vendors and VoIP users alike. The list is separated into the following seven broad categories:

  • VoIP Sniffing Tools
  • VoIP Scanning and Enumeration Tools
  • VoIP Packet Creation and Flooding Tools
  • VoIP Fuzzing Tools
  • VoIP Signaling Manipulation Tools
  • VoIP Media Manipulation Tools
  • Miscellaneous Tools

Special thanks to VOIPSA members Shawn Merdinger and Dustin Trammell who created the list and have graciously agreed to maintain it. For more information about the tools list, you can listen to Dan York and Jonathan Zar discuss it in Blue Box Podcast #54 and also with Shawn Merdinger in Blue Box Special Edition #16 available at http://www.blueboxpodcast.com.

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