The Register – VoIP – open season for hackers

Just thought I’d note that The Register had an article out yesterday called: VoIP – open season for hackers. The article can pretty much be summed up by this quote:

Customers’ private details could be easily hacked into using the wiretapping method with a staggering 7 out of 10 calls open to attack, said security company Scanit, which audited data transfer at various busy call centres and service providers.

The article goes on to talk about the ease with which you can eavesdrop on calls and the fact that “many networks were even running VoIP without encryption” and how companies need to do more than just rely on vendors or system integrators… i.e. “you’d be much better and safer if you hired a security company like us.” So, yes, it’s a fairly obvious way for this security company to promote themselves (and look, it’s working… I’m writing about them) but the fact that it’s in the highly-read Register will certainly draw some attention to the issue. They do conclude with:

Selling personal details is increasingly becoming a lucrative business with call staff being offered up to £5 to dish out private data, as a result the researchers conclude that companies should sit up and listen to legitimate security concerns regarding VoIP networks or face severe consequences.

Yes, we can definitely agree on that latter part of the statement. That’s why we set up VOIPSA…