Shall we play a game?

My coworker Dustin forwarded me this article that speculates the yet-to-be released Nintendo Wii game console will support VoIP:

The Nintendo controller will feature a microphone and will store a user phonebook/address book while it will be used as a VoIP phone and will help gamers communicate while online without the need for a headset.

Sony is also getting in on VoIP integration with their PlayStation Portable (PSP) handheld gaming device. Sony announced that VoIP will be added to the handheld via a firmware upgrade sometime in October. Microsoft’s Xbox 360 already supports VoIP through it’s Xbox Live game network service.

I don’t know of anyone that’s done a thorough analysis yet on these VoIP services, however the same threats will likely apply. If you know of a good writeup, please leave a comment.

In the same way that web services have been built in to a variety of devices and applications, so too are similar integrations blurring the lines of VoIP. A couple of other examples besides gaming consoles that come to mind include Instant Messaging clients and Click-to-Call web applications. As you would expect, these hybrid VoIP applications inherit all of the additional security threats of the technologies that they are built on (web, IM, etc.).

Obviously, VoIP security these days is becoming much more than simply protecting IP phones and PBXs.