Researchers seek to save VoIP from security threats

An article from ComputerWorld discusses a grant that the NSF has earmarked for the research of VoIP security threats:

The National Science Foundation says it has issued US$600,000 to the University of North Texas to spearhead development of a multi-university test bed to study VoIP security. Other participants are Columbia University, Purdue University and the University of California-Davis. VoIP spam, denials of service, emergency services and quality of service will be among the areas targeted for research during the three-year project. The research will also look at vulnerabilities that emerge from the integration of VoIP and legacy networks.

The group of schools plans to disseminate its findings widely to technology developers, academia and others involved in network convergence.

Ram Dantu from the Univeristy of North Texas is leading the charge and is also a member of VOIPSA’s Technical Advisory Board, as are several of the other researchers involved in this grant. Ram has been intrumental is driving the state of VoIP security not only through his own research and professional career, but by organizing industry workshops on VoIP security.

I expect the results from their efforts to be sobering, hopefully helping vendors and providers to enhance the security of their solutions and offerings.