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The biggest VoIP security threats - and how to stop them
Date: 03.22.2007
Author: Anthony Plewes
Businesses of all sizes adopting IP telephony need to seriously consider its security implications. But while a number of threats exist, three stand out as the most dangerous, particularly to smaller organizations.

Phone Phreakers Steal Minutes
Date: 03.12.2007
Author: Benjamin Sutherland
Source: Newsweek
VoIP carriers are increasingly falling prey to "phreakers," who steal their minutes and resell them on a thriving black market.

VoIP threats to watch out for
Date: 03.09.2007
Author: Anthony Plewes
As increasing numbers of users adopt VoIP, more hackers and criminals will be enticed to capitalise on the weaknesses in the technology. This primer looks at the major threats businesses of any size face when adopting VoIP.

How to protect your business from VoIP threats
Date: 02.19.2007
Author: Neel Mehta
Source: SC Magazine
Without strong security built in to protect users, we will likely see a new era of malicious VoIP attacks, much like what we are now witnessing with other IP-based communications.

5 Ways to Secure a Wireless VoIP System
Date: 02.14.2007
Author: John Edwards
Source: VoIPNews
As with VoIP security in general, gaining control over wireless VoIP systems is challenging work. But careful planning and analysis will help ensure that your enterprise's VoIP traffic flows steadily and securely.

A Guide to Understanding the VoIP Security Threat
Date: 02.14.2007
Author: John Edwards
Source: VoIPNews
There's no such thing as a bulletproof VoIP system, but there are things you can do to make your setup more secure.

Hype vs. reality in VoIP security
Date: 01.30.2007
Author: Cara Garretson
Source: NetworkWorld
Headlines tell of VoIP vulnerabilities that can lead to eavesdropping, a new form of spam, even denial-of-service attacks that can take down the one communication network that businesses rely on most.

Expert: Phishing and other social attacks threaten VoIP
Date: 01.29.2007
Author: Tim Greene
Source: NetworkWorld
VoIP is susceptible to the same types of attacks that threaten other network applications, but there are some potential new ones that focus directly on VoIP.

SPIT: Bringing Spam to Your Voicemail Box
Date: 12.07.2006
Author: Bogdan Materna
Source: TMCnet
Imagine picking up your voicemail at the end of the day, only to have dozens of recorded messages offering you discounted prescription drugs or an opportunity to start a home-based business.

25 Ways to Secure your VoIP Network
Date: 12.01.2006
Author: Pushpa Sathish
Source: VoIPlowdown
All we hear about in the mainstream media is how vulnerable and unreliable VoIP is. And let’s face it…until people start taking the steps to safeguard their networks, this technology isn’t going to go places. Here are 25 starting best practices.

Phishing attacks now using phone calls
Date: 11.26.2006
Author: Jon Swartz
Now comes a new batch of phishing scams that rely on an old tool — the phone — to trick people into giving away their personal information.

VoIP Security Gets Noisy
Date: 11.13.2006
Author: C. Medford
Analyst says it’s time for service providers to inform businesses about VoIP’s real risks.

VoIP security safeguards -- they may be there already
Date: 11.09.2006
Author: Andrew Hickey
Source: ComputerWeekly
Wanna be clued in on a little secret? VoIP security isn't all that difficult after all.

Beguiling but Beware: Ajax, VOIP
Date: 10.03.2006
Author: Quinn Norton
Source: Wired
Some of the slickest new technologies online -- VOIP and Ajax -- are dangerously insecure, and likely to only get worse as they become more prevalent, according to security researchers presenting their findings at the ToorCon security conference.

US experts launch VoIP security partnership
Date: 09.28.2006
Author: Robert Jaques
Source: VNUNET
A group of US academics and industry experts has been created to explore security issues surrounding VoIP technology, it was announced today.

Tackling VoIP security concerns
Date: 09.27.2006
Author: Deb Shinder
Source: TechRepublic
Sending your telephone calls over the Internet may seem inherently risky, so here are a few steps you can take to make your VoIP network more secure.

When Voice Becomes Data
Date: 09.21.2006
Author: Scott Berinato
Source: CSO Online
To understand the significance of voice over IP (VoIP), it's useful to travel back in time. Specifically, go to 4:45am on Sunday, September 3, 1967.

Interop Reporter’s Notebook: VoIP security still spotty
Date: 09.20.2006
Author: Network World staff
Source: Network World
A frank assessment of the state of VoIP and security technologies came from Gregory Lebovitz, technical director and solutions architect at Juniper Networks, at an Interop session.

E-mail security hero takes on VoIP
Date: 08.15.2006
Author: Declan McCullagh
Source: CNET News
Phil Zimmermann gave free e-mail encryption to the world more than a decade ago in the form of software called Pretty Good Privacy. Now Zimmermann is trying to bring the same kind of encrypted security to Internet phone calls.

VoIP Security: It's More Than Data Security
Date: 08.09.2006
Author: Gary Audin
Source: VoIP Loop
Voice over IP and IP telephony technologies are replacing the traditional legacy form of digital voice communications.

Security Threats Come A-Callin'
Date: 08.02.2006
Author: Arik Hesseldahl
Source: BusinessWeek
Businesses that swap out old phone systems in favor of new Internet-based calling gear could be in for some major headaches.

VoIP security assessment is about to become a must
Date: 07.24.2006
Author: Carolyn Duffy Marsan
Source: Network World
Carriers are beefing up their VoIP security services, and demand for these offerings is growing as more VoIP vulnerabilities come to light.

Chinese company claims Skype protocol cracked
Date: 07.14.2006
Author: Jeremy Kirk
Source: IDG
Skype is dismissing a claim by a small team of Chinese engineers who say they have reverse engineered the protocol used for Skype Internet phone calls.

The Phone is the Latest Phishing Rod
Date: 07.11.2006
Author: Sonja Ryst
Source: BusinessWeek
Phishing attacks aren't just for e-mail anymore. Cybercriminals hoping to coax sensitive information from unwitting victims have a new weapon in their arsenal: the telephone.

VoIP security services taking hold
Date: 07.10.2006
Author: Carolyn Duffy Marsan
Source: Network World
Carriers are beefing up their VoIP security services, and demand for these offerings is growing as more VoIP vulnerabilities come to light.

Skype to address identification concerns
Date: 06.22.2006
Author: Tom Espiner
Source: CNET
Part of Skype's "wish list" for further expansion into the business market is to enhance username authentication for business customers, the voice over Internet Protocol company said recently.

VoIP systems bring in new vulnerabilities
Date: 06.19.2006
Author: Grant Buckler
VoIP can save money, make communications more efficient and extend features of the office phone system to remote workers. It can also create new security headaches.

Internet pioneers: VOIP wiretapping complicated
Date: 06.14.2006
Author: Grant Gross
Source: IDG
U.S. government efforts to require most VOIP providers to permit law enforcement agencies to wiretap phone calls could introduce new cybersecurity problems said a group of Internet security pioneers.

Hacker Said to Resell Internet Phone Service
Date: 06.07.2006
Author: Ken Belson
Source: New York Times
Prosecutors said that starting in November 2004, Edwin Andres Pena used two companies he had started to offer wholesale phone connections at discounted rates to small Internet phone companies.

The Internet's a Scary Place for Voice
Date: 06.02.2006
Author: Jim Barthold
Source: Communications Technology
The Internet, as TV commercials and newspaper columns will tell you, is a scary place, a wild west amalgam of unrestricted freedom and licentious behavior populated by any variety of miscreants whose goal is to disrupt your life.

Aussie firm finds Skype flaw
Date: 05.30.2006
Author: Michael Crawford
Source: Computerworld
Skype has confirmed the vulnerability could allow users to "retrieve" files from other Skype users through unauthenticated connections due to a flaw present in the URI.

Windows verison of Zfone launched
Date: 05.22.2006
Author: Nancy Gohring
Source: IDG
Zfone, a free piece of software that encrypts voice over IP calls in a way that may circumvent government eavesdropping laws in some countries, is now available to Windows users, its developer has said.

Sysadmins express concerns on VoIP security
Date: 05.17.2006
Author: Nancy Gohring
Source: IDG
Interoperability and confusion over who is responsible for security are causing problems in implementing VoIP. IT administrators say that the lack of security in VoIP is a major concern for them according to experts speaking at the VON Europe conference.

Phishers Snare Victims With VoIP
Date: 04.25.2006
Author: Antone Gonsalves
Source: TechWeb News
A security firm on Tuesday reported discovering a phishing scheme in which the scammers used Internet telephony to copy a bank's automated voice system in order to steal customers' passwords, account numbers and other personal information.

SBC 'traffic cop' controls VoIP streams at the border
Date: 04.18.2006
Author: Edwin Mier, Anthony Mosco, Robert Tarpley and Robert Smithers
Source: Network World
Is there a session border controller in your enterprise's VoIP future? If you're looking to expand your organization's VoIP reach, there very well may be.

Why VoIP needs Crypto
Date: 04.06.2006
Author: Bruce Schneier
Source: Wired
VOIP calls are vulnerable to a variety of threats that traditional telephone calls are not. Encryption is one of the essential security technologies for computer data, and it will go a long way toward securing VOIP.

Examining Two Well-Known Attacks on VoIP
Date: 04.05.2006
Author: Peter Thermos
Source: Voiponder
This purpose of this article is to discuss two of the most well known attacks that can be carried out in current VoIP deployments.

A Pretty Good Way to Foil the NSA
Date: 04.03.2006
Author: Ryan Singel
Source: Wired
Wired News took Phil Zimmermann's newest encryption software, Zfone, for a test drive and found it's actually quite easy, even if the program is still in beta.

PGP founder unveils new VoIP security
Date: 03.23.2006
Source: UPI
Somewhere out there, someone is a little too curious about your data. This is the main concern of Phil Zimmermann, the creator of the industry standard PGP e-mail encryption protocol who has just debuted a new standard for encrypting VoIP data.

Probes Scrutinize Caller ID Hacks
Date: 03.22.2006
Author: Kevin Poulsen
Source: Wired
Government interest is gathering around so-called Caller ID spoofing services that allow users to camouflage their phone numbers, with Florida's attorney general following the FCC in investigating the technology.

VoIP security at odds with QoS
Date: 03.21.2006
Author: Martin Courtney
Source: Network IT Week
Speaking at a roundtable forum at Cebit this month, experts said it could take another two years before the right balance of security and quality of service (QoS) in enterprise VoIP systems can be found.

The Importance of VoIP Security
Date: 03.20.2006
Author: David Sims
Source: TMCnet
Writing about the problem of VoIP security is kind of like writing about the problem of paying for my five-year old son's college education -- you know it'll be a problem some day, a big one, but right now there are other, more pressing issues.

Technology facilitates Caller ID spoofing
Date: 03.02.2006
Author: Peter Svensson
Source: Associated Press
In the last few years, Caller ID spoofing has become much easier. Millions of people have Internet telephone equipment that can be set to make any number appear on a Caller ID system.

Hackers eying internet telephony
Date: 02.27.2006
Author: Brad Howarth
Source: The Australian
Businesses enjoying voice over internet protocol telephony could have less than 12 months before their networks become a target of malicious activity.

How secure is VoIP?
Date: 02.18.2006
Author: Jessie Seyfer
Source: Mercury News
While Internet calling programs from Skype and Vonage to Google and Yahoo are getting more and more popular, security experts warn that they're not as secure as your traditional land-line.

WiFi VOIP: How Safe?
Date: 02.16.2006
Author: Dan Jones
Source: Unstrung
Just as vendors prepare the first generation of dualmode cellular and WiFi mobiles for launch later this year, the wireless security community is starting to turn up threats to 802.11 VOIP handsets in

Network security is the key to keeping VoIP secure
Date: 02.15.2006
Author: Tim Greene
Source: Network World
Despite warnings that VoIP is vulnerable to a new breed of attacks, the biggest threat to VoIP remains weaknesses in general network security, according to a vendor presentation at the RSA Security Conference 2006.

Dial VoIP for Vulnerability
Date: 02.03.2006
Author: Susannah Patton
Source: CIO
Voice over IP offers great savings in long-distance calls. But without extensive safeguards, VoIP can expose your phone system to the havoc affecting the rest of the Web.

Cambridge prof warns of Skype botnet threat
Date: 01.25.2006
Author: Peter Judge
Source: Techworld
Voice-over-IP apps could be used to cloak networks of zombies, used to launch denial of service attacks, a Cambridge professor has warned.

What will generate the real heat in '06?
Date: 01.10.2006
Author: Thomas Nolle
Source: Network World
It will be the year of voice spam and of the first Trojans, viruses and scams targeted at VoIP rather than at browsers. For the enterprise, there will be denial-of-service attacks on VoIP trunks and even a few call-hijacking scams.

Security Experts Urge a 'Say Yes' Mindset
Date: 12.19.2005
Author: Tim Greene and Phil Hochmuth
Source: NetworkWorld
Beyond government regulations, the number and variety of threats is ever-increasing, particularly for VoIP as it grows in popularity.

Is Skype enterprise-ready?
Date: 12.12.2005
Author: Rodney Thayer
Source: NetworkWorld
Skype provides many powerful features for voice and text communications at a near-zero cost. Unfortunately, Skype also is wrought with implementation flaws and shows signs that it is likely to be a source of significant security problems.

Voip Security Threats: Swimming With The Sleeping Sharks?
Date: 12.05.2005
Author: Glen Fest
Source: Bank Technology News
Banks' enthusiasm for installing VOIP shows no signs of waning. Will hackers, spammers, phishers and other criminals soon notice and start to take advantage?

It's deja vu all over again with VoIP
Date: 11.21.2005
Author: Winn Schwartau
Source: ComputerWorld
If your company is planning to exploit the incredible power, flexibility and cost savings offered by VoIP, there is something you should know: VoIP people don’t think like IP people, so security is going to be a nightmare.

Giants team to make VoIP work with firewalls
Date: 11.11.2005
Author: Elizabeth Montalbano
Source: IDG
Microsoft and Cisco Systems have teamed up to support a protocol for communicating across network address translators (NATs) that they believe will hasten the adoption of VOIP for enterprises.

Europe's IT directors doubt VoIP security
Date: 11.11.2005
Author: William Eazel
Source: SC Magazine
Almost half of European IT directors believe VoIP networks are “inherently insecure”, with the figure rising to 56 percent among computing professionals working in the financial sector, newly published research has claimed.

The dangers of VoIP
Date: 11.04.2005
The deployment of enterprise VoIP, or IP Telephony, is accelerating rapidly, but security isn't necessarily keeping up.

Smaller Businesses Wary of IP Telephony Security
Date: 11.02.2005
Author: Harry Sheff
Source: CMP
A study by the Computing Technology Industry Association finds more than half of businesses surveyed don't trust current security levels.

VOIP may be vulnerable to barrage of threats
Date: 10.25.2005
Author: Leon Erlanger
Source: Computerworld
Is enterprise VoIP due for a security wakeup call or are the threats mostly exaggerated? It depends on who's talking.

Skype flaws open computers to attack
Date: 10.25.2005
Author: Joris Evers
Skype Technologies updated its popular Skype Internet telephony software to fix a pair of security bugs. The most serious flaw could allow an attacker to commandeer a user's PC.

Groups challenge FCC's VoIP wiretapping rules
Date: 10.25.2005
Author: GRant Gross
Source: NetworkWorld
A group of privacy advocates and technology companies filed court papers to challenge a ruling by the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC), saying it overstepped its authority by requiring VoIP providers to allow wiretapping by law enforcement.

Trojan Targets Skype Users
Date: 10.20.2005
Author: John Blau
Source: PC World
After making a big splash in the news through its $2.6 billion deal with EBay, Skype Technologies is getting more worrisome network chatter in the form of a malicious Trojan horse that is circulating as an e-mail attachment.

SIP traffic fuels need for security, performance tools
Date: 10.17.2005
Author: Stephanie Sanborn
Source: InfoWorld
Growing interest in SIP-enabled communications -- from VOIP to SIP-based collaboration apps such as Microsoft's LCS (Live Communications Server) 2005 -- has sparked the need to better secure SIP traffic.

Dial VoIP For Vulnerability
Date: 10.11.2005
Author: Susannah Patton
Source: CIO Magazine
CIOs ready to take the plunge with VoIP need to understand that data firewalls alone won't protect them. They need only look to the past to remember the state of the Internet 10 years ago, when security was usually an afterthought.

VoIP: Is It Safe ?
Date: 10.04.2005
Author: Carl Weinschenk
Source: SmartBiz
Many people feel that VoIP will replace the century-old traditional phone network—but only if users are confident that it is safe.

Can only you hear me now?
Date: 10.03.2005
Author: Wayne Rash
Source: Federal Computer Week
The basic concepts of VOIP security are fairly simple, but the details aren't.

VoIP Security Takes Center Stage
Date: 09.30.2005
Author: Sean Michael Kerner
Source: Enterprise VoIP Planet
Among the myriad conference panels at last week's VON show in Boston were a number on the topic of VoIP security.

Encrypting Voice: An Interview with Phil Zimmermann
Date: 09.30.2005
Author: Sean Wolfe
Source: VoIP Magazine
With voice over IP security one of the hottest topics around, Zimmermann is now preparing to release zFone, a working title for his latest application, which is aimed at encrypting VoIP calls.

Who Is Listening to Your Internet Phone?
Date: 09.29.2005
Author: Mark Long
Source: Newsfactor Magazine
The Federal Communications Commission is about to introduce new regulations that will give law-enforcement agencies the ability to tap Internet-based voice calls to help thwart terrorism.

Signal vs. Noise: Is VoIP Security a Risky Proposition?
Date: 09.29.2005
Author: Mary E. Shacklett
Source: VoIP Magazine
A potentially serious exploit in a Cisco router demonstrated at July’s Black Hat USA conference renewed IT concerns about the safety of running voice and data on converged corporate networks.

The Current State of VoIP Security
Date: 09.28.2005
Author: Mark Collier
Source: VoIP Magazine
You need not look far to find a slew of articles, white papers, and research reports describing the vulnerability of voice over IP systems.

Oh, SPIT! Security woes hit VoIP too
Date: 09.25.2005
Author: Timothy Roberts
Source: MSNBC
As the adoption of voice-over-Internet protocol (VoIP) rises, security experts are beginning to warn that hackers and other evil-doers will eventually turn their attentions to the telephone.

Net phones vulnerable to sabotage
Date: 09.24.2005
Author: Hiawatha Bray
Source: Boston Globe
It takes something really big -- like Hurricane Katrina -- to disrupt the nation's telephone system on a massive scale. But in a few years, it might only require something as simple as a computer virus.

Is VOIP the Next Target of Worms, Spam?
Date: 09.21.2005
Author: Melissa P. Vergara
Source: Computerworld
While many issues remain unsettled in the area of Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) technology, IT security experts believe that it can be the next major target for various attacks.

Hackers Target Net Call Systems
Date: 09.20.2005
Source: BBC News
Malicious hackers are turning their attention to the technology behind net phone calls, says a report.

VoIP Security Uncertain in EBay-Skype Deal
Date: 09.19.2005
Source: Information Week
Skype Technologies SA, the Internet telephony vendor that online auctioneer EBay Inc. plans to buy, is unlikely to offer a business-class system anytime soon, and enterprises should avoid deploying the company's technology, a research firm said Friday.

Wireless VoIP Security Fundamentals
Date: 09.16.2005
Author: Mark Collier
Source: VoIP Magazine
From a security point of view, security issues presented in wired VoIP are also present in wireless VoIP. The main difference is the need to secure the wireless link.

How secure is VoIP?
Date: 09.13.2005
Author: Jeffrey L. Vagle
Source: IT Manager's Journal
You'd be well within your rights to ask, "If VoIP isn't currently secure, how can it be offered to companies and individuals as a legitimate service? And if it is secure, why all the fuss?"

VoIP Sets Stage for Security Appliance Surge
Date: 09.08.2005
Author: Jennifer LeClaire
Source: TechNewsWorld
The report, "Trends and Spending Plans for Security Appliances: Are We Ready for VoIP?," covers the impact of VoIP in the security appliance market, and concluded that while VoIP can add many desirable new features to business telecom systems, vendors and

VoIP Security Debate Heats Up
Date: 09.01.2005
Author: Grant Gross
Source: CIO
Lawrence Orans, principal analyst at Gartner, and John Pescatore, vice president and Gartner fellow, say that while attacks on IP telephony and mobile devices may come eventually, vendors of security technologies and services have overblown the current da

Feds fund VoIP tapping research
Date: 08.09.2005
Author: Declan McCullagh
Source: CNET
The federal government is funding the development of a prototype surveillance tool by George Mason University researchers who have discovered a novel way to trace Internet phone conversations.

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